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Saturday, October 14, 2017
I believe that every girls should have at least the basic makeup like concealer, foundation, and lipstick or lipgloss. I started using concealer 3 years ago. It's all thanks to my good friends, I started to learn step by step how to use makeup. I will tell you my favorite beauty products.

1. Concealer. I already using some concealer from Maybeline, Loreal until Nars. But my favorite is soft matte complete concealer by Nars. Its just perfect for my skin. I can even use the concealer for my daily routine.
2. Powder. It's a must in my daily beauty product when I go to uni or just hanging out with my friends. My mom bought this Chanel powder few months ago and I really loved it! I have two different kind of Chanel powder, but I didn't remember the name of it. It's really great product. It stays from morning until night. Ah, and I also like Estee Lauder powder.
3. Lipstick and Lipgloss. My favorite all the time is still Rouge Coco Gloss no 772 by Chanel and lipgloss by Dior. I used it for my daily routine cause its not to heavy and its glossy. It just I prefer gloss rather than lipstick cause I usually use lipstick on weekend. My favorite one still Mac.
4. Foundation. I am not a fan of foundation and I really picky when I choose a foundation. I only have three kinds of foundation since the first time I buy a makeup. Its really rare to see me with foundation (if you know me and have meet me in real life). My favorites one is goes to Sephora cause its not too thick for me and its really light.

I think that's all for my favorite beauty products. I will write my favorite eyeshadow, blush, etc next time!


Monday, October 9, 2017
Hi everyone, this summer I went to Warsaw, Poland for around two weeks. I will tell you what you can do while you're stay in Warsaw. I'm using Singapore Airlines for the first flight from Jakarta and I took Swiss Airlines for the rest of the journey until I arrived in Warsaw. I came here with my family and three of my friends. Here what you should remember when you're visiting Warsaw in Summer, bring your umbrella and jacket. It can be raining in the summer and it can be pretty cold for a few days.

Here what you can do in Warsaw, Poland:

1. Strolling around in Old Town
One of my favorite places in Warsaw. I stay in this old town so I get to see how beautiful this place are everyday. Its really refreshing cause I live in Taipei, which is the capital city in Taiwan for a year and I didn't get to see this kind of view everyday. This place just a perfect spot if you just want to get a nice air or looking for a cafe or just want to buy some souvenir.

2. Lazienki Park
If you're going to this park, make sure that you don't have any tight schedule cause this park is pretty big and it so relaxing if you just want to walk around. Make sure that you get to look at the performance of people that play Chopin music in this park. Believe me, you won't regret it! You can find many beautiful places in this park to take a picture with. Sadly, I didn't get to take picture when someone play the piano.

And that's all, I will tell you more about Warsaw in my next post!


Tuesday, June 13, 2017
Graduation, 7th June 2017, Taipei

It's been a week since my graduation in Shih Chien University. I spent ten months to achieve my bachelor degree in Taipei, and finally it ended pretty well. It is not easy to live abroad without my family. I'm coming home soon and I will meet my family in nine days. Many ups and downs but I am happy because it will be a new journey for me. One step closer till I got my other degree and to achieve my dreams. 

For the past months, I realized something from me that I never knew before. I do think that I become more and more mature. Not only that but I also appreciate how lucky I am to have the opportunity to do whatever I like, to go to every unique places that I never imagined that someday I will go to that places. This whole ten months journey makes me always appreciate what I have and be courage. It will worth in the end.


Thursday, May 4, 2017

I lived in a big city without my parents or without my close friend. Usually I have a lot of things to do back then in my country because I drive so it's easier for me to go to every places that I wanted to go. But now it's not that easy anymore. So yeah this is what I usually do in my free time:

  1. Watch movies: Riverdale is my current favorite series and I usually just go to the streaming website and just click whatever movies. On Sunday, I can watch like three or more movies. But it's just depend on the assignment that I need to complete, or if I have a appointment with my friends or not.
  2. Try new cafe or restaurant: Following bunch of food Instagram account makes me want to try lot of new or popular cafe in town. It makes me know more about some places that I'm never been to. But yeah, I already found my favorite restaurant in town!
  3. Video call: Can spent like almost 4 hours or usually 6 hours straight if I called my close friends because we have a lot of things to tell or just a quick video call with my family because we're usually called each other and have intense conversation on Line. 
  4. Go to the bookstore: One of best way to do something in my free time. Go to the library makes me found a lot of good books that I want to buy but I can't cause I will leave Taipei in just less than one and half months. 
  5. Youtube: Looking for a new music for my future travel video that I will uploaded on my youtube account. Or just watch vlogs, tutorial or even short movies in youtube. Found a lot of inspiring short movies and learnt more and more about how to editing your video.
That's some activities that I usually do in my free time and I always bring my camera cause I used it a lot and found a lot of good spot. 


Sunday, April 9, 2017
Hey everyone, if you are following my Instagram or Snapchat, you will know that I just got back from Japan last week and the first place that I decided to go is Osaka. Because of we have one week spring holiday from my university, we can't go to lot of places in Osaka. The places that I really want to go is Universal Studio Japan which has Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I am not a big fan of Harry Potter, but I do really want to go to USJ just because I want to crossing out my bucket list and I want to try the famous butter beer. Anyway, here's the list of place from day one to day two in Osaka:

Day 1
1. America Mura:
I just strolling around this area and forget to take a picture in there. Reason why I go to this place is because it's near with the place that I stayed in.
2. Dotonbori:
It's a must if you go to Osaka. People say that you have to at least go to this places once. In this places, there are a lot of stores that sell food, clothes, souvenir, etc. But most of the time, I just go to some of the famous places in here and buy the famous Pablo and also soap from my favorite brand, LUSH. 

3. Universal Studio Japan:
This is one of the reason why I go to Japan for the spring break. Universal Studio Japan has been on my bucket list. It's not because I love to play the roller coaster. It's just because I want to try the famous butter beer and watch by myself why people told me that this place is great. Yup. For me it's amazing because it's looks like I'm in the different places especially when I'm in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It's looks like I'm in the movie.

That's the major places that I go last week, and I do really want to go back to this places with my family and maybe I will stay longer in Osaka because I do want to go to another places like Osaka Castle, and try more famous food in there and just go to the places with our tight schedule. I do really enjoy this trips because I go to this places with my good friends which is nice and we're having fun. 


Sunday, March 5, 2017

It's really hard for me to study outside my home country, away from my family especially my parents. The first six month was the easy part for me, and the next six month probably will be the hardest part. It's almost a month after I went back to Taipei to completing my dual degree, almost once a week I cried because I really missed my family so much. I miss my mom, my dad, my sister, my friends, and everything. Sometimes I'm telling myself "this is the best for you. You can do this. It's only a few months. You will meet them soon. If you miss them, you can call them" but sometimes I asked myself "is this worth my time? Is this the best option for me? What if this is not the best choice?". Twice a week at least I have a thought "just pack your things. Just buy a ticket plane. Just do it. You have money. Just buy the ticket!" I tried to stop thinking about my family, but I can't. My phone wallpaper is my parents photo. I never use my parents photo as my wallpaper because I has their photos on my wallet. Every time I open my wallet, I can look at them. I don't really know what should I do for the next three and half months. I do missed them. I never away from my parents since I was kid. Even when my father had a business trip, at least I always meet my mom or even when my mom went for a holiday with her friends, at least I have my sister or even my gradma. I never felt this empty. Back then, almost everyday I went out with my friends. So I never had a good quality time with my family. Because of our schedule, we can't go out together with a complete member. Sometimes we went out without my father or my sister. Or even when its holiday, like the summer holiday or something like that, we rarely have a holiday because of our schedule didn't match. So, yup that's one of the reason that makes me go traveling without my family. Overseas study for me is really hard and I used to tell myself when I look at someone who decided to completing their degree in another country was fun. But it's not. The struggle is real and it's makes me appreciating a good quality time with family. Like as long as you can have a good quality time with your family member, why not? 

That's the part one of my overseas study and private talk. Thank you for reading, xx. 


Monday, February 6, 2017

This post will be the last part of "2 Days In Macau". Actually me and my friends did not visit a lot of places due to our laziness. We still have plenty of free times that we can use to visit many other places but we don't. We just decided to go to the mall again and watch the television and eat.

Day 2

Senado Square and Ruin of St Paul's
We went to this Senado Square right after our breakfast. We took a taxi to go to there and he dropped us at a Hotel and we walked around 5 minutes to go to this places. Basically this places is just full of tourist and shops. We walked again around 5 minutes to go to Ruin of St Paul's. It was so crowded in there and we confused how to take a picture with less people in the background. We moved a lot and yup, I got some great picture thanks to my friend, Nadia. After we took a lot of pictures, we just come to the shops in there to buy some stuffs and you will find a lot of promo that going on. 

Taipa Village
I think its around 15-20 minutes drives away from Senado Square with a taxi. The reason we go to this place is because of the famous crab porridge. The porridge was good. I mean it's not only good but delicious and it's worth it. That's the best food that I've ever eat in Macau. If you go to Macau, you should try this porridge. 

After lunch we just go back to the hotel and take a rest. At 5 pm, we just go to the mall again and buy a food for dinner and we also go to clothing stores because of it's so near with the lifts to our room. Basically the mall-clothing stores is located next to the lift to our room. So, we go to there a lot. 

That's all. If you go to Macau and want to know the name of the Crab Porridge place, just comment it and I will give the address to you. Because I need to find the places first, cause I forgot. 

Ruin of St Paul's

Taipa Village

The famous crab porridge

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