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December 9, 2017

Lots of my friends know that I really crazy about perfume. I'm not talking about the price. So its fine by me wether its cheap or expensive as long as the smell is good then I'm going to buy it. I love buying a perfume so that's why my parents don't really want to buy me a perfume cause I still have lots of them and they get annoyed when I ask to buy one even when the price is only cost $15.

Here's my perfume collection:
1. English Pear & Freesia Cologne by Jo Malone.
I've been wanting to buy this perfume for so long and I just bought it few months ago in Taipei. It cost me around $135 so its probably around 1,8 million rupiah. Its one of my favorite perfume so far and I only use it when I have an important stuff that I need to attend or wedding party. It is the best if you can mix this perfume with another Jo Malone perfume. I often mixed it up with the one that my parents had. And its stay for so long.
2. Narciso Rodriguez 
I own two of this perfume. The first one is called For Her and I'm not sure what is the name of the other one cause there's only one word in the glass of the perfume itself which is, Narciso. I got both of the perfume from my parents back then when they went to Singapore. Actually they bought two or three more but its in my parents room so I'm not sure about the name. This one also stay pretty long and the smell is strong. If you doesn't like the strong ones, it might not the perfect perfume for you.
3. Signorina by Salvatore 
Got this perfume on the first day they launched it in Indonesia. Actually I'm not looking for a perfume that day but somehow I buy three perfume from Salvatore. Its still on a box and I never use this. I forget about the price but from the website it cost around $112 each bootle so its around 1,5 million rupiah. You might find it cheaper in your country.
Ps: they also sell this perfume in Sephora.
4. My Everyday Perfume (Zara, Pull&Bear, Jovan, Victoria Secret)
I went out everyday because I still need to go to university classes, or piano lessons. So I need to use the affordable ones. My choices goes to Zara, Pull&Bear, Jovan, and Victoria Secret.
  • Victoria Secret. I stopped using Victoria Secret perfume for a while because of there isn't any perfume that i like, but I really like the Paris one. I buy it when I was in Japan this year and it smells great. 
  • Jovan. I remember the first time I got this perfume as a present from my aunt (I think its on my junior high school when she goes to Arab). I'm so crazy about this.  My mom bought me lots of it whenever she goes to Arab and I still have some of them which is awesome. The smell of perfume last longer than any my everyday perfume. And I believe that its affordable to buy. The smell is pretty strong but it still my favorite one till today, and its been going for more than 6 years.
  • Pull&Bear. Bought this when I'm in Taipei for my everyday perfume. I believe that the name was Purple. Its pretty good and I'm looking for this perfume again but it hard cause I'm in Indonesia. Wether they didn't sell it in Indonesia or its out of stock.
  • Zara. I think I've been using Zara perfume for years. Its easy to find and it's good for my everyday go to. It's not expensive and I can find it almost in every Zara store which is cool for me. My favorite ones is Rose and I always happen to buy it. I always buy more than one just incase its out of stock.
That's it. If you are looking to buy a perfume, this might help you to choose.


November 25, 2017

Some of you might think that I didn't have any problem with self confidence, but I do. Back then, I really need everyone approval. I have a traumatized experience in my childhood that I'm going to tell you later. This post is going to boost up your self confidence.

Here's my how to boost up my self confidence:
1. Tell yourself that you don't need everyone approval means that its up to them how they want to talk about you. You just gotta be yourself. Believe me, if you got your self confidence, no words from them can win you. Everyone got the power to bring you down. But, you just need to win them by your self confidence. Don't ever ruin your self confidence just because of some talks. Caution: don't ever close your ears to any opinion that might helps you .
2. Listen to your heart. You know what the best choice for yourself. If you need advice, just tell or ask someone that you trust. But, don't just take all advice that they give to you. You need to think about the possibility that can happen in the future by making a specific choice.
3. Tell yourself that you are doing good. Sometimes you need to praised yourself that you are doing good. But, don't use this if you are doing something bad. Just praised yourself if you are satisfied with something good or when you need a motivation. I'm using this method every time I'm in a bad condition and it helps me.
4. Surround yourself with positivity means that you don't need any negativity activity that can lower your confidence. For the example is having a really bad influence from your friends like talking trash about someone. Believe me its not good to talk about someone you didn't really know. Its good to gossiping sometimes but if you and your friends always and all the time talking negativity about someone, its not good. There's a lot of activity that you can do with your friends and there's plenty of topics that you can talk about, like movies or economics stuff or anything.


October 22, 2017
"No matter how much I eat, there is always room for dessert. 
Dessert doesn't go to the stomach, it goes to the heart"

No matter how full I am, I still want to eat dessert even its just a small cookie or ice cream. I have my favorite dessert in every city that I've been. Let me tell you about my favorite dessert in Taipei. 

1. Mango Shaved Ice. It's a must if you are planning to go to Taipei. You can find this kind of dessert almost everywhere especially in the tourist spot. But my favorite one was in the Yongkang Street. There's two store that sell mango shaved ice in the area with the same brand, Smoothie House. Its pretty close with the famous Din Tai Fung.

 2. Churros. My favorite one! I eat churros everywhere I go, Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, and even Warsaw. My favorite churros store in Taipei is Street Churros. I believe that it's from South Korea. I usually buy the original one without the dipping sauce with cinnamon. The one with the dipping sauce was also delicious.  You can find this store near Taipei 101 and in the famous Guangfu South Road where you can find plenty of famous restaurant.

3. Ice Cream by Godiva. Who doesn't love ice cream? Even my father loves it! Ice cream by Godiva was my father favorite. He even asked me to buy it for him plenty of times when we were in Taipei few months ago.

4. Choux Stick. First time and last time I tried this pastry and its really good! It's sad cause I tried it the day I have to go back to my country so I can't eat it. I pass by the store almost every weekend but I didn't get to tried it cause the queue's pretty long. I live in Taipei for a year but I only tried it once.

 If you're going to Taipei, make sure to try this!


October 15, 2017
I believe that every girls should have at least the basic makeup like concealer, foundation, and lipstick or lipgloss. I started using concealer 3 years ago. It's all thanks to my good friends, I started to learn step by step how to use makeup. I will tell you my favorite beauty products.

1. Concealer. I already using some concealer from Maybeline, Loreal until Nars. But my favorite is soft matte complete concealer by Nars. Its just perfect for my skin. I can even use the concealer for my daily routine.
2. Powder. It's a must in my daily beauty product when I go to uni or just hanging out with my friends. My mom bought this Chanel powder few months ago and I really loved it! I have two different kind of Chanel powder, but I didn't remember the name of it. It's really great product. It stays from morning until night. Ah, and I also like Estee Lauder powder.
3. Lipstick and Lipgloss. My favorite all the time is still Rouge Coco Gloss no 772 by Chanel and lipgloss by Dior. I used it for my daily routine cause its not to heavy and its glossy. It just I prefer gloss rather than lipstick cause I usually use lipstick on weekend. My favorite one still Mac.
4. Foundation. I am not a fan of foundation and I really picky when I choose a foundation. I only have three kinds of foundation since the first time I buy a makeup. Its really rare to see me with foundation (if you know me and have meet me in real life). My favorites one is goes to Sephora cause its not too thick for me and its really light.

I think that's all for my favorite beauty products. I will write my favorite eyeshadow, blush, etc next time!


October 9, 2017
Hi everyone, this summer I went to Warsaw, Poland for around two weeks. I will tell you what you can do while you're stay in Warsaw. I'm using Singapore Airlines for the first flight from Jakarta and I took Swiss Airlines for the rest of the journey until I arrived in Warsaw. I came here with my family and three of my friends. Here what you should remember when you're visiting Warsaw in Summer, bring your umbrella and jacket. It can be raining in the summer and it can be pretty cold for a few days.

Here what you can do in Warsaw, Poland:

1. Strolling around in Old Town
One of my favorite places in Warsaw. I stay in this old town so I get to see how beautiful this place are everyday. Its really refreshing cause I live in Taipei, which is the capital city in Taiwan for a year and I didn't get to see this kind of view everyday. This place just a perfect spot if you just want to get a nice air or looking for a cafe or just want to buy some souvenir.

2. Lazienki Park
If you're going to this park, make sure that you don't have any tight schedule cause this park is pretty big and it so relaxing if you just want to walk around. Make sure that you get to look at the performance of people that play Chopin music in this park. Believe me, you won't regret it! You can find many beautiful places in this park to take a picture with. Sadly, I didn't get to take picture when someone play the piano.

And that's all, I will tell you more about Warsaw in my next post!


June 14, 2017
Graduation, 7th June 2017, Taipei

It's been a week since my graduation in Shih Chien University. I spent ten months to achieve my bachelor degree in Taipei, and finally it ended pretty well. It is not easy to live abroad without my family. I'm coming home soon and I will meet my family in nine days. Many ups and downs but I am happy because it will be a new journey for me. One step closer till I got my other degree and to achieve my dreams. 

For the past months, I realized something from me that I never knew before. I do think that I become more and more mature. Not only that but I also appreciate how lucky I am to have the opportunity to do whatever I like, to go to every unique places that I never imagined that someday I will go to that places. This whole ten months journey makes me always appreciate what I have and be courage. It will worth in the end.


May 5, 2017

I lived in a big city without my parents or without my close friend. Usually I have a lot of things to do back then in my country because I drive so it's easier for me to go to every places that I wanted to go. But now it's not that easy anymore. So yeah this is what I usually do in my free time:

  1. Watch movies: Riverdale is my current favorite series and I usually just go to the streaming website and just click whatever movies. On Sunday, I can watch like three or more movies. But it's just depend on the assignment that I need to complete, or if I have a appointment with my friends or not.
  2. Try new cafe or restaurant: Following bunch of food Instagram account makes me want to try lot of new or popular cafe in town. It makes me know more about some places that I'm never been to. But yeah, I already found my favorite restaurant in town!
  3. Video call: Can spent like almost 4 hours or usually 6 hours straight if I called my close friends because we have a lot of things to tell or just a quick video call with my family because we're usually called each other and have intense conversation on Line. 
  4. Go to the bookstore: One of best way to do something in my free time. Go to the library makes me found a lot of good books that I want to buy but I can't cause I will leave Taipei in just less than one and half months. 
  5. Youtube: Looking for a new music for my future travel video that I will uploaded on my youtube account. Or just watch vlogs, tutorial or even short movies in youtube. Found a lot of inspiring short movies and learnt more and more about how to editing your video.
That's some activities that I usually do in my free time and I always bring my camera cause I used it a lot and found a lot of good spot. 

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