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Saturday, February 4, 2017
Venetian Resort, Macau

Hi everyone,

So a few weeks ago I just completed one of my bucketlists which is I went to MACAU for three days two nights. I stayed at Venetian Resort, which is great because I found out about this resorts is because of the korean drama that I used to watch and they has their own casino but sadly I can't go inside of the Casino because of I'm still 20 years old :( Anyway, let's find out what you can do in Macau for two days.

Day 1

Strolling Around the Hotel-Mall
Because of the hotel is huge, the first thing that I do is go to the mall to looking what kind of brand that they offer in here and what kind of things that I will buy latter for the souvenir and for myself. Turns out that I found a lot of cute things that I can buy.

Macau Tower
I decided to go to Macau Tower around 3 pm, but it turns out that I fell asleep until 5 pm. I spend around one and half hours in here. Kinda sad though because of it is not what I expecting and it's kind of wasting of money. But still, it's my first time in Macau so it's fine. 

Strolling Around Studio City and Parisian Hotel
Me and my friends plans to take a lot of picture while we're in Macau and voila, we got plenty of photo that we can upload to the instagram latter. The first thing that makes us go to Studio City is because of we want to ride the wheel, but the ticketing counter is closed at 7:30 pm. Decided to move to Parisian Hotel and it's really beautiful and the hotel kind of looks like the Plaza Hotel at New York

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