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Monday, February 6, 2017

This post will be the last part of "2 Days In Macau". Actually me and my friends did not visit a lot of places due to our laziness. We still have plenty of free times that we can use to visit many other places but we don't. We just decided to go to the mall again and watch the television and eat.

Day 2

Senado Square and Ruin of St Paul's
We went to this Senado Square right after our breakfast. We took a taxi to go to there and he dropped us at a Hotel and we walked around 5 minutes to go to this places. Basically this places is just full of tourist and shops. We walked again around 5 minutes to go to Ruin of St Paul's. It was so crowded in there and we confused how to take a picture with less people in the background. We moved a lot and yup, I got some great picture thanks to my friend, Nadia. After we took a lot of pictures, we just come to the shops in there to buy some stuffs and you will find a lot of promo that going on. 

Taipa Village
I think its around 15-20 minutes drives away from Senado Square with a taxi. The reason we go to this place is because of the famous crab porridge. The porridge was good. I mean it's not only good but delicious and it's worth it. That's the best food that I've ever eat in Macau. If you go to Macau, you should try this porridge. 

After lunch we just go back to the hotel and take a rest. At 5 pm, we just go to the mall again and buy a food for dinner and we also go to clothing stores because of it's so near with the lifts to our room. Basically the mall-clothing stores is located next to the lift to our room. So, we go to there a lot. 

That's all. If you go to Macau and want to know the name of the Crab Porridge place, just comment it and I will give the address to you. Because I need to find the places first, cause I forgot. 

Ruin of St Paul's

Taipa Village

The famous crab porridge

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  1. AAA looks so fun! I'm so jealous of you hahah. Do you want to support each others blog by following each other? Please let me know so I can follow you right back:)


    1. Yup, sure! It's nice to know someone read my blog. If you had any question you can just ask me :)
      Anyway, I already following your blog :)


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