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Saturday, February 4, 2017

My friends always asks me to help them to plan their holiday even if we go to different places. They always tell me that I'm good at organize the holiday trip while they're not good. Because of a lot of people asks me how can I good at organize, I decided to write how I usually plan my trips. 

Do a research and set the maximum price that you are willing to pay for your trips (flights and hotel).

I usually always prepared atleast a month before I go. I usually spend two until five days to look for the cheapest flights that I can get for the date that I set. I also have a lot of application that I can use on my phone. I also looking for a promo that I can found in Google or any website. For the domestic flights, I usually open Garuda Indonesia, Air Asia, and Traveloka to find the cheapest flights. While for the international flights, I usually use Kayak, Singapore Airlines, and Wego to get the cheapest flights that I can get. If I already found the flights that I will take, I always capture it or save it and after that I set a date to buy the tickets. If I already set the date, I will buy the ticket at the date that I already set. 

For the hotels, usually I already have a list that contains two or three options. Then, I compare the hotels that I already had from one website to another website. I usually booked the hotels from, traveloka, and the hotel website itself. If I already found a good price that I willing to pay for the hotel, I book the hotel immediately. If you didn't find the hotel that you had in your mind with a good price, find another hotels and don't forget to read all the reviews that you can find on the internet. Note: always read the review not only from one source. Don't forget to look for the nearest public transportation and in which district the hotels located. If you already think that the places and the prices is good, just booked it.

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