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Sunday, March 5, 2017

It's really hard for me to study outside my home country, away from my family especially my parents. The first six month was the easy part for me, and the next six month probably will be the hardest part. It's almost a month after I went back to Taipei to completing my dual degree, almost once a week I cried because I really missed my family so much. I miss my mom, my dad, my sister, my friends, and everything. Sometimes I'm telling myself "this is the best for you. You can do this. It's only a few months. You will meet them soon. If you miss them, you can call them" but sometimes I asked myself "is this worth my time? Is this the best option for me? What if this is not the best choice?". Twice a week at least I have a thought "just pack your things. Just buy a ticket plane. Just do it. You have money. Just buy the ticket!" I tried to stop thinking about my family, but I can't. My phone wallpaper is my parents photo. I never use my parents photo as my wallpaper because I has their photos on my wallet. Every time I open my wallet, I can look at them. I don't really know what should I do for the next three and half months. I do missed them. I never away from my parents since I was kid. Even when my father had a business trip, at least I always meet my mom or even when my mom went for a holiday with her friends, at least I have my sister or even my gradma. I never felt this empty. Back then, almost everyday I went out with my friends. So I never had a good quality time with my family. Because of our schedule, we can't go out together with a complete member. Sometimes we went out without my father or my sister. Or even when its holiday, like the summer holiday or something like that, we rarely have a holiday because of our schedule didn't match. So, yup that's one of the reason that makes me go traveling without my family. Overseas study for me is really hard and I used to tell myself when I look at someone who decided to completing their degree in another country was fun. But it's not. The struggle is real and it's makes me appreciating a good quality time with family. Like as long as you can have a good quality time with your family member, why not? 

That's the part one of my overseas study and private talk. Thank you for reading, xx. 

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