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Thursday, May 4, 2017

I lived in a big city without my parents or without my close friend. Usually I have a lot of things to do back then in my country because I drive so it's easier for me to go to every places that I wanted to go. But now it's not that easy anymore. So yeah this is what I usually do in my free time:

  1. Watch movies: Riverdale is my current favorite series and I usually just go to the streaming website and just click whatever movies. On Sunday, I can watch like three or more movies. But it's just depend on the assignment that I need to complete, or if I have a appointment with my friends or not.
  2. Try new cafe or restaurant: Following bunch of food Instagram account makes me want to try lot of new or popular cafe in town. It makes me know more about some places that I'm never been to. But yeah, I already found my favorite restaurant in town!
  3. Video call: Can spent like almost 4 hours or usually 6 hours straight if I called my close friends because we have a lot of things to tell or just a quick video call with my family because we're usually called each other and have intense conversation on Line. 
  4. Go to the bookstore: One of best way to do something in my free time. Go to the library makes me found a lot of good books that I want to buy but I can't cause I will leave Taipei in just less than one and half months. 
  5. Youtube: Looking for a new music for my future travel video that I will uploaded on my youtube account. Or just watch vlogs, tutorial or even short movies in youtube. Found a lot of inspiring short movies and learnt more and more about how to editing your video.
That's some activities that I usually do in my free time and I always bring my camera cause I used it a lot and found a lot of good spot. 
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